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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog
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CRR 345 - Advanced Metal Sectioning and Repair

Last Date of Approval: Fall 2021

3 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 27
Total Lab Hours: 54
Course Description:
This class allows the student the opportunity to utilize current technology to section and apply the latest technology in the welding and bonding of late model vehicles. This course will help students refine their critical thinking skills as they evaluate various topics and concepts while searching for underlying connections between the concepts, which is a skill that should be beneficial in any/all types of careers. The students will increase their mechanical aptitude that can be used in many aspects of their life.

Corequisites: None
Prerequisites: None
Recommended(s): None
Prerequisites/Corequisites: None

Mode(s) of Instruction: Face-to-face

Credit for Prior Learning: None

Course Fees: None

Common Course Assessment(s): None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will become familiar with panel fit-up.
    • Student will become familiar with coatings removal and application.
    • Students will become familiar with buffing and detailing.
  • Course Outcomes
    • Students will be assigned damaged or rusted vehicles requiring major sectioning of replacement panels.
    • Students will become proficient in alignment, mig welding and bonding of these replacement parts

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