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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog
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SMM 110 - Writing for the Web

Last Date of Approval: Spring 2021

2 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 30
Total Lab Hours: 0
Total Clinical Hours: 0
Total Work-Based Experience Hours: 0

Course Description:
This course will explore the unique constraints of writing on the World Wide Web. Our emphasis will be on discovering new graphic and rhetorical structures for thinking and writing which are best suited for the nonlinear environment of the web. This course will apply techniques of professional writing for real world audiences, both community-based and commercial, including text messaging, e-mail, community reviews and comments, web journals (weblogs or blogs), web pages, and communally-edited collections (wikis). Students will create or contribute to such texts, examine the conventions that have developed for each particular form, and reflect upon their cultural significance. This course helps students build confidence in their communication skills while also enabling them to think critically, consider the viewpoints of others, and effectively express themselves, all of which will benefit them in the classroom, in life, and in the workforce.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: N/A

Mode(s) of Instruction: traditional/face-to-face

Credit for Prior Learning: There are no Credit for Prior Learning opportunities for this course.

Course Fees: None

Common Course Assessment(s): None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  1. Understand the roll of Web Analytics.
  2. Critically discuss and analyze analytics within different marketing campaigns. 
  3. Know how to set up/ read different reports. 
  4. Know how to set site goals that should be used to define success.

Course Objectives:  

  1. Students will evaluate the design and content of web texts and create their own web sites. 

  1. Students will engage in both the production of written texts for the internet and also develop a critical eye for examining the written texts present on the Web.  

  1. Students will develop an understanding of how the relationship between reader and writer is affected by the evolution of technologies. 

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