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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog
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SMM 210 - Web Analytics

Last Date of Approval: Spring 2021

3 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 45
Total Lab Hours: 0
Total Clinical Hours: 0
Total Work-Based Experience Hours: 0

Course Description:
This course will explore basic online research principles and then examine two themes: web analytics and social media monitoring. Web analytics reviews the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on a range of digital marketing platforms including website, social media presences, and mobile marketing. Social media monitoring involves using tools to listen to conversations about a brand across digital platforms and taking appropriate action. This course helps students build confidence in their communication and research skills while also enabling them to think critically, consider the viewpoints of others, and effectively express themselves, all of which will benefit them in the classroom, in life, and in the workforce.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: None

Mode(s) of Instruction: traditional/face-to-face

Credit for Prior Learning: There are no Credit for Prior Learning opportunities for this course.

Course Fees: None

Common Course Assessment(s): None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  1. Understand the roll of Web Analytics.
  2. Critically discuss and analyze analytics within different marketing campaigns.
  3. Know how to set up/ read different reports.
  4. Know how to set site goals that should be used to define success.

Course Objectives:

1. Web analytics concepts and terms, and the types of web analytics metrics and
data sources.
2. How news audiences should be segmented and measured.

3. The differences between e-commerce sites and content-based sites, or those that are supported by advertising, sponsorships and subscriptions.

4. How to set site goals and determine the metrics that should be used to define success.

5. The site architecture and coding needed to gather the right data.

6. How to use data from Google Analytics and Omniture, the two leading web analytics systems.

7. How to present web analytics data to senior management and other site decision-makers.

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