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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MMS 343 - Radio Practicum IV

Last Date of Approval: Spring 2021

1 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 0
Total Lab Hours: 0
Total Clinical Hours: 0
Total Work-Based Experience Hours: 60

Course Description:
In this course, students will apply concepts from previous practicum courses to produce a personal marketable on-air sound and develop content for a professional demo reel or aircheck tape. Students will also incorporate promotional content, show prep, and formatics into weekly air shifts to produce professional, quality on-air performances. Participants in the course will learn to train first-year students in the daily work of KICB and will be evaluated for their ability to organize activities and station meetings. This course will also help students gain confidence in skills and abilities, which will be of key significance when making important life decisions. 

Mode(s) of Instruction: traditional/face-to-face

Credit for Prior Learning: There are no Credit for Prior Learning opportunities for this course.

Course Fees: None

Common Course Assessment(s): None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  1. Review the weekly and daily playlist and logs. 

  1. Ensure music and commercials are played on schedule. 

  1. Introduce weather, traffic, and news presenters or presenting themselves with accuracy. 

  1. Engage with listeners over the air and with social media. 

  1. Respond to social media interactions. 

  1. Present on-air competitions. 

  1. Interview guests. 

  1. Present sponsored live events. 

  1. Mix and play music at live events. 

  1. Maintain the station’s sound and image. 

Course Objectives:  

  1. Analyze and apply excellent verbal communication skills. 

  1. Survey of modern music trends and implementing music that meets KICB listener trends. 

  1. Apply good presenting skills. 

  1. Executing appropriate interpersonal skills. 

  1. Develop a knowledge of current affairs and world news. 

  1. Empathize with listeners and fulfill to the best of their ability 

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