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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AGA 155 - Fundamentals of Soil Science Lab

Last Date of Approval: 2020

1 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 0
Total Lab Hours: 30
Total Clinical Hours: 0
Total Work-Based Experience Hours: 0

Course Description:
This lab is designed to give students hands-on learning opportunities in discovering the complexities of soil. The emphasis is on “discovery” rather than recipe. This lab should help students develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to implement a more sustainable philosophy to production agriculture and in agronomy. This course will also help students gain scientific experiences which will be vital in making agronomic decisions.

Corequisites: AGA 154  
Mode(s) of Instruction: traditional/face-to-face

Credit for Prior Learning: There are no Credit for Prior Learning opportunities for this course.

Course Fees: None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
1. The student will be acquainted with the soil and water resources of the United States.

2. The student will be familiar with the soil science theory tied to the practice of those who use the soil.

3. The student will understand the sustainable use of soil and water resources by devoting some detail to subjects such as soil and water conservation, conservation tillage, nutrient management.

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