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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 115 - Graphic Design

Last Date of Approval: Spring 2021

3 Credits
Total Lecture Hours: 30
Total Lab Hours: 30
Total Clinical Hours: 0
Total Work-Based Experience Hours: 0

Course Description:
This course will be a general survey of graphic design concepts and techniques. This course instructs the student in graphic design skills employing traditional and digital tools, materials and procedures employed in the visual communication arts industry. The focus will be on finding creative visual solutions to communication problems using technical skills. Via self- and class critiques, students will evaluate their own work and that of their peers. This course will allow students to find new forms of self-expression, both in visual career fields and on a personal level. Required participation in the college art show or equivalent introduces students to proper presentation and framing methods. No prior artistic experience required.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: None

Mode(s) of Instruction: traditional/face-to-face and/or online

Credit for Prior Learning: There are no Credit for Prior Learning opportunities for this course.

Course Fees: Course Materials: $75.00

Common Course Assessment(s): None

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  • Examine the formal elements of graphic design and principles of design.
  • Explore the design process: orientation, analysis, conception, generation, and implementation.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the cultural, social, political, environmental, and historical aspects of design.
  • Identify terminology and software used in the graphic design industry.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a range of computer graphics technology.

Course Objectives

Graphic Design History

  • An introduction to pivotal historic and contemporary designers.
  • An introduction to the various specialities included in the graphic design profession.

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of art and design elements and how to use them.
  • An introduction to design vocabulary needed to evaluate solutions and communicate as a designer.

Gestalt Principles of Design

  • Become familiar with the major graphic design disciplines.
  • Examine the formal elements of graphic design and principles of design.
  • Create a composition applying the Gestalt principles of design.

Color Theory

  • Examine of different types of color perception and color theory.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the color vocabulary needed to communicate as a designer.


  • Create work which demonstrates the ability to evaluate design decisions to enhance communication and simplify graphic systems.
  • Explore the fundamentals of composition.

Typography & Layout Design

  • An introduction to the elements, principles and theories of design as they apply to typography.
  • Explore the basic principles of designing with type.
  • Manipulate typographic tools to create dynamic layout.

Icon & Logo Design

  • Demonstrate the ability to generate, edit and refine concepts.
  • Create a unified series of icons and logo designs.

Final Portfolio & Interaction with the Arts

  • Create a design system and impactful portfolio.
  • Produce a portfolio of work that meets employer and marketplace expectations.

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